At Willsight Legal Services, Northampton we can help you protect your children’s inheritance with by putting your assets into a Trust. This will ensure that your assets are protected and will be passed onto those stated on the Trust.

Protecting Your Children’s Inheritance with a Trust

“Bloodline Planning” is the term used when protecting your inheritance for future generations. If you do not protect your assets, then there is a chance that they could end up in the wrong hands.

Protect your assets by putting them into Trust. This means that your assets are protected for your children and grandchildren so that if there were any divorces along the line then your estate is protected and will only go to the beneficiary.

Why Have a Trust?

In your Will you can leave your assets and estate to relatives and those that are in your “bloodline”. However, if your child for example married and then a few years later divorced then in a divorce settlement your child’s husband or wife would be entitled to half of the inheritance. If you were to protect the inheritance in a Trust with Willsight, then in the circumstance of a divorce this would be protected and your child would still benefit from the inheritance you want them to receive.

Trusts Protect Your Assets

A Trust can also protect the family home and any assets which could be lost to the costs of going into Care. If you have all of the above placed in a Trust then your estate along with any other assets cannot be used against paying for your care.

Assets not protected by a Trust face attack from…

  • Distributing assets absolutely to beneficiaries exposes those assets to risk.
  • Creditors or Bankruptcy claims.
  • The Divorce or separation settlements of future generations.
  • Further Inheritance Tax bills.