Lasting Power of Attorney

Willsight Legal Services can help create a Power of Attorney in advance for you so that if you were to become incapable of managing your financial affairs and personal welfare in the future then you have the peace of mind that you are in safe hands.

Managing Financial Affairs & Personal Welfare

There may come a time in your life no matter your age, where you may become incapable of managing your financial affairs and personal welfare. This could be down to an illness, losing your mobility or simply getting too old to look after your finances or perhaps you’ve gone into Care. In cases like this you will need someone to act on your behalf, someone you can trust with your finances.

Who Do You Choose to be Your Attorney?

It is important to choose someone that you can trust to manage your finances and personal affairs. Take some time to decide on who you would like to choose. It is important to look at how that person manages their own affairs, if they are not very good with money then perhaps choose someone who is good at managing finances.

You can choose either a friend, relative or a professional to be your Attorney which will allow them to act on your behalf.

Loss of Mobility or Illnesses Can Make It Difficult to Manage Your Affairs

  • Most don’t take into consideration that even at a young age you can encounter problems due to an accident or an illness. Because of this it is important to have someone that can assist you.
  • If you lose your mobility or capability, then this can be difficult enough to deal with, but it can be an added worry that your finances could be getting muddled up.
  • With the possibility that there could be some unpaid bills could cause further stress and anxiety which could cause a knock-on effect of delaying your recovery to get back on your feet.
  • It is important to have someone who understands you that you can trust to manage your affairs. This is much nicer to have than a court official.